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Lambplan & Sales



Proud Dad

William No. 0203

A beautifully structured ram - gives consistent performance in his offispring



Are you an existing customer? If so - be prepared to deduct 5% from the price of your ram. Thats right - to show existing customers our appreciation for their continued support we are prepared to deduct 5% from the price of any rams purchased from 1/12/2006. This offer is not available with any other offer.

Do you have a neightbour or friend who is also looking to purchase rams? If so - join with your neighbour and order 10 or more rams and get a whopping 10% off the price of your rams. Thats right - to show our appreciation for you and your neighnour/friend purchasing Jardene rams a whopping 10% from the price of any 10 or more rams purchased.

Lambplan information is currently being updated.


Last updated 9 August 2008


Group young flock rams

Absolute Smashers!

Looking for Work!!

When I grow up I want to be a stud ram!!!













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