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These bums are on two of our ram lambs!

A few of the lambs resting in the shade.


Produce Superior Lambs to Heavier Weights

Jardene White Suffolk Stud produces rams with:High Suffolk percentage

  • Jardene Stud uses only White Suffolk stock.
  • No other breeds have been introduced within the stud When you buy a Jardene White Suffolk you can be certain you are not introducing undesirable characteristics from other breeds into your flock.
  • All Jardene Flock Rams have high Suffolk percentages.
  • It is the aim of Jardene Stud to utilise the highly desirable characteristics of the Suffolk breed and produce the typical long, lean, quick maturing animal.
Good Weight Gains
  • Jardene Stud uses Lambplan independent analysis in determining the best genetic base for both the stud and you,  the prime lamb breeder.
  • The breeding program at Jardene Stud has focussed on improving the ecconomic traits of White Suffolks - in particular faster weight gains, size, easy birthing, reproduction, carcase quality and a good finish to lambs
  •  Jardene Rams produce the goods – large frame lambs ideal for both the export and domestic trade.
  • Robust lambs which are early maturing and quickly gain good carcase weights – quicker turnoff from your property!


No coloured wool on your farm when you use Jardene rams, noted for their high quality, white downs type wool. Grass Seed Problems

  • Bred for minimum wool on heads, legs and belly  means minimal grass seed problems.
Easy Lambing
  • Minimum lambing problems.  The smooth functional shape, which has been bred into the Jardene White Suffolk, ensures the production of lambs aimed to eliminate lambing problems caused by big heads, no neck and heavy shoulders.
All of these factors add up to easier management of lamb producing flocks by using Jardene White Suffolk Rams.  That means only one thing – higher financial returns.

"Monty" A very correct ram in every way - his offspring are always tops!











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