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Well, what a year! I think I can honestly say the past twelve months have been probably the worst I have ever experienced.

It started in early August last year when our daughter was involved in a very serious accident which almost took her life. This was followed up by Jim having to have many repeated trips into hospital. He has had five operations in the past twelve months! Add to all this the horrors of a continuing drought also the fact that our web page was attacked and almost destroyed, I think you will agree it was pretty awfull.

Mind you, I must be honest and say we have plenty to be thankful for.

My daughter has recovered - not fully but is able to continue her life. Jim has bounced back from all his operations and has gained his health. The rain has come to our neck of the woods and everything is looking green green green. So I can say thank God that our lives are back on track again.

We have some really nice rams ready to do a cracker job for you. For information on purchasing flock rams please phone (85 362059) or email and we will endeavour to fulfil your requirements. We have flock rams available for private selection. Please see the appropriate breed heading.


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Updated 10 August 2008



Our web page is currently being updated. Please read the latest news column and you will understand why we are a tad behind with our information.

About Jardene

The proprietors of Jardene Stud are Jim and Jan Ward. We welcome you to our web site. We trust we will have a long and useful partnership.

We have been in the sheep industry for over 30 years and in the terminal and maternal stud sire industry for 16 years. Quite recently - 4 years ago, we also decided to enter the Meat Merino industry.

Currently breeding Border Leicester, White Suffolk and SA Meat Merino rams we consider we cover all aspects of the prime lamb, first cross and wool industries and we can meet your every need.

It is the aim of Jardene Stud to provide top rams at reasonable prices. We provide full background information on all rams and the latest Lambplan figures. We use the best possible genetics and constantly search for means to improve our - and ultimately your - product.

No we are not in Super ANYTHING! - we feel that you - the breeder - will make the best decision about what is a super animal. And no we dont charge the earth either!!

Delivery - we can arrange free delivery to Dublin Sale Yards. Delivery to other areas can be negotiated - dependent on distance and number of animals to be transported.

Only genetically superior proven sires are used in our three studs. We are participants in Lambplan in all three studs and are Brucellosis Accredited. We operate within a Ovine Johnnes Free area.

We invite you, the breeder to come and join us in this look into the operation of our three studs. We will be happy to answer any of your questions and look forward to meeting you online.




Border Leicester Lamb


White Suffolk Ram

Jonty - he's not very pretty but his body is outstanding -

a Jardene bred ram!





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